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So you've started your business and you're ready to begin trading, you have thought of everything you need, but where are your customers?


Once you start trading, your website goes live, business will pour in and you will be snowed under with orders?


Well that's the dream, that's the expectation.


Our reality was a bit different from that.

We had to identify and understand our customers, tailor our services to their needs and build a relationship of trust. Convince them that our company can bring the correct solutions for their problems


You have to show your potential customers that the products or services you provide are what they need, and can solve their problem.

Today you must be able to attract and hold the attention of your potential customer long enough to convince them you have the product or service they require.


To be able to do this you must know who your customer is and understand their needs.


90% of internet users are purely looking for information.


People today use the power of the internet to do a lot more research on what they want, so you have to make sure that your marketing, in what ever form it takes, is full of meaningful, pertinent information which will enable your customer to totally understand what you offer and how it benefits them.



Who is your Customer?

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When you are standing in your business or looking at your website do you wonder

Does anybody know I'm here

Is there someone else selling better Lemonade

Is it the right time to be selling soft drinks

Do people understand what Lemonade is

Is Lemonade the right soft drink



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