What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics

If you are a business owner or an experienced marketing person, knowing how to use Google Analytics is critical to understanding the performance of your website.

Google Analytics is a free website analytics tool offered by Google that gives you an in-depth view of your website’s performance.

Google Analytics can tell you how users find and use your website.


Is Google Analytics Free?

Yes – One of the significant advantages of Google Analytics is the fact that it is free and can be used by any business no matter the size.

You need to register and add your business information before being able to extract website data and analyse your results.

Can it Collect Data Automatically?

Yes – It automatically collects data. When you set up your Google Analytics account, you need to copy a simple piece of code on your website.

Once you’ve authenticated your account, you’ll see traffic to your website, what type of audience you have, conversion and many more.

Can it Integrate with other tools?

Yes – Google Analytics can be easily integrated with lots of tools and platforms for paid advertising and Google ads, emailing, social activity and more.

Search Console, Google Adwords, Google AdSense, AdExchange, BigQuery, DoubleClick, Google Play and Postpacks are just a few of some of the platforms you can get data from into Analytics.

Based on your strategy and the information you want to extract; you can personalise your Google Analytics reports the way to need it.

Plus, just like the other Google products, analytics presents a clear and easily usable interface and helpful support and community that will provide the information you need to set up the Google Analytics dashboard.

You get real data while people are visiting your website.

What is Google Analytics?

To find out how your business and marketing goals and strategies are performing is much easier with Google Analytics. It’s one of the best free webmaster tools on the market.

Google Analytics lets business owners see where their visitors are coming from, which device they use to browse your site, how long a visitor stays on your page, and which pages they abandon.

Google Analytics provides a wealth of data showing business owners how they can improve their website and monitor website usage.

Data you can get from GA

  • Number of people coming to your website
  • Where those visitors are coming from, geographically
  • What devices those visitors are using to access your website
  • How long they stay on your website
  • Which pages they leave
  • What source referred them to your website, Google Organic, Facebook, another website.
  • How many visitors are returning and how many are new visitors
  • These are just a few of the options that Google Analytics offers every business owner. The dashboard gives you the capability to track data points over time and keeps this data historically for you.

If You Need Help with Google Analytics

Google Analytics can be a little difficult to set up at the start, but Vision Marketing would be happy to assist you.

The wealth of historical data and website information that you can gain from this free tool should not be overlooked by businesses.

Call or email us today with questions you have about Google Analytics and how we can get the code on your website so that you can start collecting all your invaluable data.

Interested in Learning About Google Analytics

Google Analytics for Beginners is free online learning provided by Google for new users. It will show you how to create an account, implement tracking code, and set up data filters. All you need to get started.


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