What is Local Search Engine Optimisation?

What is Local SEO?

Different from SEO, every local company can grow their business and make more money by using Local SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategies.

What is Local SEO?

Local SEO is a different strategy from SEO. As Google realises the potential of more and more people using their mobile phones for all sorts of searches, Google wants to present to them the most relevant results with respect to their position on the planet if it senses that the user is making a local search.

If you are looking for a good shoe repair shop from a mobile search it’s pointless telling you the best is in Italy near Rome if you are standing in London.

Google will often factor in the user’s location, to provide the most relevant results.

Google will supply different results for users in different regions if it determines a query has local intent.

Local search results are triggered by certain keywords and when location modifiers are attached to a keyword.

Examples of queries that trigger local results

Keywords that generally imply a search for a local business Examples: “pizza delivery,” “dentist,” “shoe store”

Keywords with the modifier, “near me” Example: “restaurants near me”

Keywords with a specific location Example: “dentists Glasgow

What is the Google 3 Pack?

Google now uses both the location of the user and the location of the business to present the most relevant results for a particular search.

These results are highlighted in a section called the Google 3 pack.

It used to be a Google 7 pack, but this was too large for display on a mobile device so, Google to give better user experience shortened this results section.

How Do You Get into the Google 3 Pack?

Having a consistent Name, Address, and Phone Number (NAP) is very important because Google places a lot of weight on having that information accurate and correct.

Deciding on the company NAP may seem obvious, the hard part is making sure that this is consistent across all the local directory listings that you enter. It must be exactly the same down to the last comma, spelling and telephone numbers.

The consistency is a signal to Google that it is listing the right contact info for your business.

Becoming active on local listings sites might be the most important single factor for performing well in local search.

These listings could include one-off sites like churches or community bulletin boards as well as listings that are more common across different areas, like the website for the local Chamber of Commerce.

The more you can appear in these listings; the more Google trusts your business.

How Do You Choose the Right SEO Company?

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